The Hollywood Reporter “Insightful and often entertaining”

Variety “A most engaging narrative” – Dennis Harvey “inspiring and thought-provoking…the “original punk” who dared to fight the system” A tale told simply by its filmmakers, “Crazy Wisdom” is a touching tribute to one arm of the spiritual movement of the 60s and 70s, and explains the roots of efforts of Chogyam Trungpa to introduce his crumbling world to a new foundation.”"a film that mirrors Trungpa's challenging energy and invites viewers to go beyond fixed ideas about our teachers and leaders.” "it stands as brisk, thoughtful 89 minutes of a remarkable teacher’s particular insight and influence.”


Santa Barbara News-Press “Johanna Demetrakas’ film makes a nice primer to a fascinating figure. The film delivers on the human being part, though his first wife, as a well as Pema Chodron admit that in the end, it was really hard to know who he was. “Crazy Wisdom” presents the enlightened man as a mystery.”

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Interviews “inspiring and thought-provoking…the “original punk” who dared to fight the system”

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Santa Barbara Independent"Crazy Wisdom tells Trungpa’s story from the best possible angle for understanding his actions — through the eyes of someone who knew him.”