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Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Sundance.    I highly recommend Steve James' The Interrupters and James Marsh's Project Nim.  Saturday night OWN & IDA threw a smash party -- Oprah, in person, spoke the words that were magic to documentarians' ears "It is my intention to do for documentaries what we have done for books."   Pinch  me, am I dreaming?  Its thrilling that Oprah believes in the power of docs to make a difference, and that she's committed to using her enormous platform to make that difference.

In the media frenzy at the party, we got a photo with Rosie O'Donnell, who Oprah has asked to be OWN's Documentary Club host, and rubbed shoulders with Forest Whitaker, Isabella Rosselini, Barbara Kopple, and other luminaries.  Got a sighting of Gloria much talent in that room, and on that mountain...   OWN sent us home with our very own OWN scarves, and the Master Class coffee table book.  And had HP downstairs printing gorgeous versions of our One Lucky Elephant poster - Kimberly, you're a brilliant printer!

Got word Sunday morning that OWN was doing video interviews with filmmakers, and dashed to Deer Valley - OWN provided hair and makeup, artfully done by mother & daughter team Nature's Knockout.  I hope their all-natural products helped cover up my sleep deprivation...  One Lucky Elephant producer Cristina Collissimo & I did a video interview, which OWN may use for interstitial promotions later this year. 

All in all, a short, surreal, fun & jam-packed Sundance '11.