Filmmakers’ Trophy, Sundance Film Festival, 1990 | Silver Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival, 1990 | Montreal World Film Festival, 1990 | Parnu Film Festival, 1990 (Estonia) | Tokyo Film Festival, 1991 | Portland NW Film Center, 1990 | American Film & Video Festival, 1991 | American Psychological Association, 1991

About the film

Lisa Leeman’s groundbreaking film won Sundance’s Filmmakers Trophy and garnered top rating on POV/PBS in 1990.  The film intimately chronicles animation artist Gabi P.’s gender transition over three years in the late 80’s.  Metamorphosis follows Gabi as she transitions at home, in the workplace, with family and at church. Along the way, the film raises provocative questions about what defines male and female, and questions traditional gender roles.

Lisa has been filming a follow-up for the last five years, as Gabi faces a new crossroads in her sixties – see Trans*Formed to learn more.  Look for Trans*Formed to premiere in 2020, thirty years after Metamorphosis was released!

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“The power and intimacy in Leeman’s unsentimental portrait of animator Gary/Gabi and his/her four-year quest for a sexual identity change is equalled only by the honesty and bravery of the film’s subject.”– Sheila Benson, Los Angeles Times

“Informative and fascinating.” – Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle

“…subtly raises intriguing questions about the very definition of being a woman..The resulting portrait has reverberations within reverberations…” 

“Metamorphosis captures more than a compelling visual transformation; the film raises profound questions about contemporary gender stereotypes… Watching Gabi make conscious choices about what is appropriate challenges the audience to confront biases about male and female behavior.” – Robert Hawk, Sundance Film Festival