"Wexler visits sleep experts who say Americans exist with a 'sleep debt' take pride on going without sleep, and are doing damage to their health, their thinking, and their safety. He visits union officials who were early to sign on to shorter hours after Hershman's death, but now, curiously, claim they're powerless. No one seems to have the will to act." - Roger Ebert CHICAGO SUNTIMES - January 23, 2006

"Acknowledged worldwide as one of film's master cinematographers, nominated for five Oscars and winner of two, Wexler has always been a man passionate about social issues. But in his strong new documentary, 'Who Needs Sleep?' . . . he has provocatively joined his two concerns, taking a movie-business issue and gradually revealing its wider implications." Kenneth Turan LOS ANGELES TIMES - Jan. 23, 2006

"While Wexler questions what has happened to 'Brent's Rules' and why, in 2006, conditions in the Hollywood movie work environment have not even slightly improved and there has been more sleep related fatalities, he finds some very uncomfortable answers within the tight and cosy relationships between union officials and large corporation bosses who own and control the movie studios. "In these times of deceit, telling the truth can be a challenging act" Wexler says. - Bruno Chatelin SUNDANCE - Feb. 21, 2006