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OUT OF FAITH, a feature-length documentary (82:00), intimately follows three generations of a family torn apart by conflicts over interfaith marriage. The family’s matriarch, Leah Welbel, and her husband Eliezer, both survived nearly three years in Auschwitz; however, in their minds, their grandchildren marrying non-Jews represents a posthumous victory for Hitler.


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“A Profoundly Moving Experience.” – Bruce Ingram, Pioneer Press, Sun Times News Group

“Leeman brings something fresh to the screen … Rather than explore the topic in cool abstractions, Leeman takes us into one family’s struggle with these big questions. To her credit, Leeman leaves us as uncertain as the Welbels about what the answers might be.”  – Hank Sartin, Time Out Chicago

“Rich in the human drama of family relationships” – Film Documents Intermarriage, by Tom Tugend (Jewish News Agency)