Crazy Wisdom World Premiere!

By February 2, 2011May 22nd, 2018CrazyWisdom

Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Crazy Wisdom – we sold out two screenings!

Check out the photo above – me, composer Sean Callery, & director Johanna Dematrakas, with Dawa Tarchin Phillips, Jeff Bridges, and some of the Bodhi Path gang.  Thanks to all who came out for our 3 screenings – including over 200 people at the 8am screening.  Most of our crew was there – DP Pablo Bryant; editor Kate Amend; composer Sean Callery; Billy Stobo; Guido Bryant; Bill Bryn Russell.  We missed our sound mixer, Joe Milner!  After more than four years of shooting and editing, it was thrilling to hear the laughs and tears through the screening.

It got personal in the Q&A – someone asked the crew how working on the film affected us – one crew member confided that Trungpa, Rinpoche is showing up in his dreams; Sean said that he found it rather daunting to compose to Trungpa, and had to go meditate each time before composing.  I said I’m meditating more.. I confess I found it hard to talk about the personal impact of the film in front of 250 people.  The truth is that working on Crazy Wisdom has helped me be more comfortable outside my comfort zone…to be ok with not-knowing (Pema Chodron talks about this in the film).

After the screening we celebrated at the Blue Agave – food was late and scarce, but the wine flowed and a good time was had by all.  Thanks to Kaye, Diane, & Tom for hosting me while up in Santa Barbara, and to Candace, Carol, Sean, and the whole SBIFF crew, who work enormously hard to make the festival a great experience for filmmakers and audiences.

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